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Case Managment

Freedom prides itself on hiring the most knowledgeable individuals in the Birmingham legal market. By doing so, we feel confident that we can provide a case management solution that allows you to be a Lawyer instead of a Litigation Support Specialist. We can recommend the best practices to streamline document requests, document reviews, and document productions, leaving you to concentrate on your core objective - winning the case.

Data Managment

Now, more than ever, our clients are dealing with massive amounts of data provided to them by the other side. Most of the time the data received does not need EDD processing, but you will need someone on your side that knows the best method to convert the files into a format that is usable for your system. Freedom’s Project Managers know the best way to handle all aspects of data conversion and database management/construction. Freedom also employs the fastest and most accurate OCR software available. Doing so allows us to charge less and complete more during OCR.

Key Features & Benefits

Document intensive cases demand a full-featured litigation support document review application. To do otherwise puts a firm at a distinct disadvantage to other (often larger) firms that can bring more technology resources to bear. Freedom Litigation Support offers a powerful litigation document management service to handle these cases.

  • Maintain the important technology edge in your cases.
  • Be productive immediately with our full set of standard litigation coding/tags to organize your electronic stored information (ESI).
  • Unlimited custom tags enable sophisticated document organization and filtering.
  • Sizzling Fast Search.

The legal team that best understands the case facts and evidence has a tremendous advantage. Freedom offers Concordance and FYI software that enables you to go beyond the documents to the critically important organization of key facts, case participants, issues and research in your cases.

  • Identify key case facts in documents and transcripts and include in issue-based dynamic timelines. Facts linked back to supporting documents for quick, relevant access.
  • Chart case participants (parties, deponents, witnesses, etc.) and link to case facts.
  • Keep and share notes linked to documents, but viewable and searchable as whole.
  • Maintain legal research in a shared environment.