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Document Enlargements

We can simply enlarge your B&W or color documents, add highlights & titles, clean up stray marks or enlarge specific sentences & photographic details. Your enlargements will make a statement that will stand out in any courtroom.

The ability to take low-quality documents and enlarge the documents with greater legibility is very beneficial to your client's case. Using the document enlargements during settlement discussions, mediation and trial makes a presentation clearer for your listeners and more effective than traditional methods.

Producing Beautiful Documents Without The Expensive Price Tag.

Whether it's multiple-page charts of highlighted enlargements, Our process of producing these exhibits is always an added value to your case.

Your enlargement will make a statement in trial when it's presented in the courtroom.

  • Black & White Enlargements
  • Photographic Enlargments
  • Multi-Page Bound Exhibits
  • Enhanced Exhibits
  • Highlighting