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Now Processing Your Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) Data is Easy!

With the 2006 changes in the Federal Rules regulating how Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is handled, along with the majority of business information now being stored electronically in a variety of operating systems and file formats, having an experienced electronic discovery vendor is more important than ever. Electronic data, which can be stored in any number of operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, and file formats such as PST (MS Outlook), NSF (Lotus Notes), email and e-files, can be a critical source of electronic evidence in litigation.

Freedom has cost effective electronic discovery software, tools and procedures to assist in the collection, processing and review of large volumes of disparate data in their native or semi-native format, many times eliminating the expense of converting irrelevant data

E-Discovery Processing - Converting electronically stored information to various formats, such as native, Tiff, PDF, HTML or XML, for review or production purposes. Files are flattened into component parts. PST and NSF are flattened into individual emails. Zip style files are flattened into individual files. Microsoft files are reviewed for embedded files, and these embeds are flattened into individual files.

For each file discovered within another file an MD5 hash is calculated. Parent/child relationship is recorded using a very simple human readable decimal. File metadata is extracted and recorded.

  • Original file name
  • Original file
  • To / from / cc for email
  • Author / last printed / last edit etc.
  • Dates and times
  • Fully searchable text