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MultiMedia Trial

Freedom specializes in providing a full range of litigation support services and trial presentation services including pre-trial preparation, courtroom and war room set up, audio/video services and case management. We have the experience and talent needed to assist you throughout the life of your case. Our forward-thinking approach to trial presentation has revolutionized the way evidence is presented in court.

Our primary purpose is to help our clients succeed. No matter the size of your firm or the complexity of your case, Freedom Litigation Support can handle all aspects of technology in the courtroom. Our trial technicians know how to deliver a flawless execution of your trial presentation that will impact both the judge and jury.

Trial Technicians

  • Freedom offers certified Trial Director technicians capable of handling all the presentation aspects of your case. By working with your trial team from the beginning of the pre-trial phase, you will begin to think of our technician as a part of your trial team.

Pre-Trial Consulting

  • Freedoms’ certified Trial Technicians will work with your trial team to make sure all documents, transcripts, videos, and animations are in the correct format. By working early on with the team, our trial technician can annotate and pre-treat documents for immediate impact on the jurors and judge. We will also work with the team to create Trial notebooks which will contain all documents that are being considered for trial and will contain either your exhibit numbers or a document ID that we will agree upon. By working with the team early on, we will be able to accomplish smooth but productive opening statements. Beginning to prepare with your Trial Technician at least 1-2 weeks before the trial begins will give our team an organized advantage.

War Room Setup

  • Freedom can provide the trial team with the equipment needed to successfully work in an office environment while you are away for trial. We can provide projectors, screens, computers, monitors, laptops, and an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. Computers rented for the war room will have loaded on them all the documents for your case. Each computer will also have all programs that you will need to get ready for the next day of trial.

Courtroom Setup

  • Freedom will take care of all the logistical needs to have your courtroom set up and ready to go the day before trial. We have several options on courtroom setups where you can decide to go simple or more advanced. The setup of the court room will be decided during the Pre-Trial Consulting phase.