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Video Production Services

Freedom Litigation Support has a knowledgeable staff that can shoot, edit, and produce day-in-the-life, video settlement brochures, and video depositions.

Day In The Life Videos

A Day-in-the-life video is evidence and is presented in court to the jury. These videos cannot use the standard persuasive techniques that video settlement brochures use. There must be no music, no scripting, no narration, slow motion or any special effects. More importantly, they must follow the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and The Federal Rules of Evidence.

The facts alone must influence the jury. A Day-in-the-life video is used in personal injury lawsuits and typically documents injuries and how they affect the life of the plaintiff. These injuries may include amputated limbs, complete or partial paralysis, brain injuries, lung damage, post-traumatic stress disorder, burn injuries and others. The Day-in-the-life videos are most effective if shot and produced under twenty minutes in duration.

Settlement Videos

Settlement videos are also known as Video Settlement Brochures or Settlement Documentaries. The goal of a Settlement Video is to convince the defendant's attorney to settle out of court. The plaintiff wants to show that they have such a strong case that it is in the defendant's interest to settle out of court rather than to risk even more penalities by proceeding with a trial and allowing a jury to decide the amount of the settlement.

Settlement videos are used mainly in personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, and class action lawsuits. These videos are never seen by juries, nor are they shown in courts of law. The settlement videos often resemble TV news magazine segments such as you might see on 60 Minutes or 20/20. Typically the video shows the plaintiff's life before and after the incident.

Settlement Videos Can Demonstrate Any Of The Following

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Human Tragedy
  • Loss Of Employment And Income
  • Loss To Family Members
  • Loss To The Community

Video Depositions

Video depositions, made in the presence of a court stenographer and with the witness properly under oath, accurately represent every aspect of the witness that could have been seen in court. When properly presented, video depositions taken in the presence of quality deposition reporters and videographers are just as effective as live testimony. Video depositions allow the Court and jury to see the witness demeanor and pick up on body language that can’t be seen in a transcript.